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Systems Development and Integration with CIM

Although CIM is extremely flexible and can accommodate different user groups and their functional requirements, sometimes a customised solution is what your business processes demand. Our system development methodology includes involving our customers in each step from the requirements specification to development work, testing and quality assurance so that we can work together to ensure that the final result meets the objectives identified at the beginning of the project.


Examples of customised solutions:

  • NSB – A solution for managing bus replacement services for the national railway company
  • Oslo Airport Gardermoen – Fire and rescue log
  • Tine – Product recalls (CIM Product recall)
  • The Norwegian Institute of Public Health – National disease control register (VESUV-III)

Customisation projects often also include facilitating the exchange of information to and from other existing systems. This can include information to be made available through a customisation process as well as information to be used in CIM’s standard modules. CIM supports most standardised formats, in addition to including a proprietary data exchange API for certain modules.


Examples of integrations:

  • Notification services
  • Directory services
  • Single sign-on
  • Miros weather data
  • DaWinci HR data
  • Map data
  • Location services