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CIM Implementation

Purchasing and adopting a new tool requires a defined objective and a plan if you hope to take full advantage of your investment. Just like when you build a house, you should know where you want the key features to be, the activities you want to be able to perform in different areas, what kind of security you need and who should have access to what.


One Voice has extensive experience in assisting with the implementation of CIM, and we have helped over 700 customers across a range of different industries to meet a wide variety of requirements. We have therefore developed a structured and flexible implementation process to ensure that CIM is configured fit for purpose, regardless of size or type of organisation.


The following model can be scaled based on your requirements:

  1. Internal project start-up at One Voice
  2. Kick-off meeting between the customer and One Voice
  3. Basic implementation training for the customer’s project team
  4. Develop the customer’s project plan
  5. Basic configuration of the software
  6. The customer’s various special configuration needs
  7. Training of the customer’s emergency response organisation
  8. The customer’s project evaluation
  9. One Voice’s project evaluation