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Vesuv in CIM

01.12.2016 Vesuv in CIM

On 1st December 2016 , the Norwegian Institute for Public Health in cooperation with One Voice launched the latest version of Vesuv, the disease outbreak notification system used by the Norwegian health authorities.


In 2005 the Norwegian health services introduced a web based notification system which was used for the notification of outbreaks of communicable diseases relating to Public Health. The system supports the specialist and municipal health services' statutory duty of notification and the Food Safety industry’s voluntary reporting scheme. Epidemiology is an essential part of planning and preparedness. The recognition and identification of the incidence, distribution and spread of a disease detrimental to public health allows the appropriate control measures to be initiated. Most countries have systems for monitoring public health and since the inception of Vesuv in 2005, over 2000 outbreaks have been identified and recorded.


Vesuv in CIM

CIM is a modular crisis management tool that has been adopted by all of Norway’s health authorities at both a national and local level. Vesuv is now a module within CIM. Notification in Vesuv is accomplished  by completing  a registration form with information about the outbreak, its prevalence and suspected causes. Once the form is completed, an alert will automatically be sent to the Public Health authority, with a copy to the local and the regional resource centres for communicable diseases as well as the County Governors. Alerts are also sent to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority if the outbreak relates to food, water or animals.


For those local authorities who have not yet implemented CIM, Vesuv is accessible via a  web-based portal.


Product Development - One Voice

Since 2014, One Voice and the Norwegian public health service have collaborated closely on the new version of ‘Vesuv in CIM’.The project was funded by the Norwegian health authority and involved studies to identify and describe the needs, challenges and opportunities in a project of this size and complexity. The release and rollout of Vesuv marks the end of the development project but we in One Voice are looking forward to maintaining the excellent relationship developed with the Public Health authorities and contributing to development of Vesuv in the future.