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Oil & Gas

CIM in the Oil & Gas Industry


In the offshore industry, when the unexpected happens it’s often too late to make plans there and then. No one  can fully prevent incidents from happening but with a well structured management system in place you can  limit the damage, take care of those involved and ultimately reduce the impact on your business. CIM is Europe’s leading software for emergency and crisis management professionals and provides a comprehensive platform to plan for, manage and review incidents and crises in a structured and user-friendly environment. 



Companies operating in the oil industry spend millions each year ensuring that they are ready
to respond to anything that hits them. CIM gives you the tools you need to create and maintain
a preparedness framework that’s accessible wherever you are, whenever you need it:

  • Embed emergency plans and checklists for different roles and incident types
  • Set plan owners and create reminders for when they need updating
  • Create duty rosters for on-call personnel
  • Regulate who is qualified to hold key response positions


Information management is key to an efficient response process and in today’s interconnected world, having  the facts at your fingertips informs decision critical making. CIM can be configured to match the flow of  information through your organisation and ensure that key information is not missed when you need it most. Our clients use CIM to:

  • Mobilise the on-call team using email, SMS, voice and push notifications, even from the control room on the asset
  • Access your checklist on all your devices and assign tasks
  • Conduct and record crisis team meetings
  • Keep a full, chronological log of incident information in real-time
  • Handle casualties and next-of-kin enquiries
  • Manage the media
  • Build a situational picture using maps and diagrams.


Do you have a clear and complete record of information you received, decisions you made and actions you took during the time that your team was mobilised? Increasing regulation, accountability and litigation means that it is more important than ever to use the information you gather during an incident. CIM customers can:


  • Retrieve a time-stamped, incorruptible record of every interaction they have during a response
  • Review the response on a timeline and recommend improvements
  • Filter between certain types and categories of information
  • Compile and distribute customisable reporting templates (e.g. HAZMAT)

Secure Access - Whenever and Wherever

Crises often hit when we least expect it, therefore it is important that any tools we use are accessible and secure, 24/7. CIM can be accessed from any internet enabled device, including smart phones and tablets, for which we also provide a mobile app for easy authentication. As a software provider for local and national government, energy, aviation and critical national infrastructure, One Voice operates strict internal and external quality and security policies.


Integration with POB Tools

When your team is managing potential casualties and next-of-kin, how do you ensure that you can monitor
an accurate list? CIM’s POB tool integrates with a number of industry leading POB tools, such as Vantage and
DaWinci to provide up to date, accurate information on those on board your asset when the incident takes
place. Responders can then record the status and location of those affected, whilst simultaneously
communicating with concerned friends and relatives.



As a leading provider in the oil & gas sector, One Voice recognises the challenges faced by users of existing ICS
compliant software tools. We are working together with customers and partners to produce the world’s first
truly user-friendly tool for those with ICS as the cornerstone of their emergency management function.
Head to our website at to sign up for news on the latest version of CIM.


CIM for OIMs and First Line Responders

Our customers challenged us to solve an issue that had long plagued emergency management professionals in
the industry- how to get real-time information from an asset during an incident without overloading the control
room. In response to this, we’ve developed CIM First Line, which provides the essential tools that an OIM and
their team needs to feed information back to responders at other locations. A simple log, a task management
tool, weather information and vessel/aircraft movements can be shared at different levels whilst allowing
those on the scene to concentrate on the operational part of the response.


Our customers say (2018):

“CIM helps us to comply with statutory  requirements, communication between levels of our preparedness organization, document training and situational awareness”


"One Voice has a good understanding of our sector and can therefore give good advice and proposes solutions based on 'best practice'."


“CIM helps us to document training, sharing of information, handling the media and mobilise internal resources.”


“The best thing about CIM is that it is user friendly”.



Andy Carvell
Managing Director
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