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It’s impossible for a business to safeguard itself against all potential incidents, however preparation and structure can provide a platform to ensure that you are ready for when the time comes.


With diligent risk and vulnerability analysis, you can to a certain degree predict the types of incidents your business may be affected by and react accordingly. No two incidents are the same and consequently, it’s important to have a range of tried, tested and usable plans in place to ensure that your team can respond to every eventuality.


CIM is a complete management system for security, preparedness and crisis/emergency management which incorporates all of the processes from the bottom to the top of the resilience lifecycle:

  • With CIM, you build AWARENESS in your business- awareness of the risks you face, how to mitigate them and how you can be better prepared in the future.
  • You create a SAFETY and SECURITY culture by making plans accessible and giving team members relevant and structured actions. Everyone involved has a dedicated role and if the unexpected occurs, your team knows what to do, who they can and should contact and what resources are available.
  • CIM gives you a robust platform to respond with- all information received, action taken and decisions made are logged and shared with the relevant individuals. In addition to this, a flexible permissions structure allows you to denote who sees what, avoiding information overload or release of sensitive information.
  • When things return to normal, you have a full audit trail from which you can LEARN and IMPROVE.

CIM is a modular system and customers can pick and choose which of the 40 modules they feel suits their business best. Some of these, such as the Action Cards and Log modules are used by all customers, whereas some have been created for specific industries which face particular challenges and risks. Below you will find an overview of the core modules within CIM- please click on each one to find out more.


CIM Connected

Studies of civil protection have long highlighted the importance of cooperation between the various authorities, organisations and responders involved in managing an incident. Experience has shown that in order to be truly prepared, these partners must interact effectively, working from a common situational picture which provides everyone with relevant information in real-time.


CIM Connected removes the barriers to this communication that traditionally existed through the use of pens, paper, faxes and telephone trees, bringing responders together during a response and giving them the power to share information with other CIM-using interested parties. We work with both central and local government in the U.K. and Scandinavia to strengthen coordination between departments and authorities and allow them to set up a vital situational overview in which all parties work towards common goals.


Read more about the national Crisis Management system, CIM Connected, here.


Using CIM Connected you can:

  • Share reports and documents with other CIM installations
  • Share log entries on your own network or with other CIM installations
  • Receive log entries from partners also using CIM
  • View a shared log on your desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Share risk and vulnerability assessments between installations

Contact us if you would like to discuss CIM further and understand which modules can help your business.

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