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Quality and Safety in CIM

Quality and Security in CIM

It’s natural for any organisation to want to repeat what yields good results and to avoid making mistakes that can jeopardise this . The ability to learn and improve relies on solid routines and structures for quality and safety and our customers use CIM to establish practices that work time and time again, whilst clarifying responsibilities within the organisation.


A quality management system should explain who is responsible, who does what and how everything is connected within the relevant department. Is responsibility and authority appropriately distributed, and are the interfaces between the relevant departments clearly defined? Having processes in place can reduce risk, improve the standard of your product and increase employee satisfaction, which one would assume could be directly reflected on the balance sheet.


A good management system should contribute to:

  • Compliance with external and internal requirements
  • Uniform and predictable work processes and results
  • Efficient  and adequate communication
  • Prevention of non-conformities and incidents
  • Transfer of experience and cost reduction
  • Reducing the risk of mistakes and the subsequent employee dissatisfaction

CIM is a tool which is designed to help organisations create, maintain and execute robust quality management processes. The system is used to increase accountability, reduce risk and ultimately safeguard the business against non-conformities.


With CIM you can:

  • Describe and visualise the organisation’s work processes and procedures
  • Create and maintain checklists and templates to ensure common understanding of responsibilities
  • Integrate with other systems such as your intranet to promote the quality management system
  • Maintain document version control for procedures and routines
  • Automatically generate a change log for all documents. Read and write access is controlled at document level
  • Report, follow up, document and close non-conformities, unexpected events, and enhancement suggestions
  • Record, document and distribute meeting notes using pre-set agenda templates
  • Generate statistics and reports from the system
  • Create and send questionnaires to individuals or groups
  • Trust that your data is securely stored and always available

If your organisation cares about the safety of its products, workforce and reputation, quality management is an essential part of everyday life. Using CIM, our customers know that robust procedures are in place and can be followed and monitored, regardless of the task you are performing or where you are in the world.

Modules for Quality and Security in CIM

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