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Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management Using CIM

Planning ahead to respond to incidents and adverse events is the cornerstone of business continuity management, but as organisations become increasingly global the challenge of adopting and using these plans effectively has never been greater. For many years, large volumes containing business continuity plans have gathered dust on the shelves and when an incident takes place, few people know where the plan is, which page to go to or what to do. When the reputation of an organisation is at stake, this isn’t the time to be ignoring carefully thought out plans.


Thankfully, there are solutions out there that have been designed to help ‘bring your business continuity plan to life’ and with CIM, our customers can proceed safe in the knowledge that their team members will be presented with the relevant plan, checklists, tasks and information regardless of where they are in the world or which device they are using.


The system provides you with the tools to:


  • Create, administer and update your business continuity plans, which can be fully embedded into the system
  • Set automatic email reminders for when plans expire and must be updated
  • Automatically deliver checklists to individuals and teams, based on for example, the incident type or location
  • Assign tasks during the response
  • Send alerts to groups or individuals via email, SMS and voice
  • Access plans, maps and documents from wherever you are, using any internet enabled device
  • Create customised templates for team meetings and standard reports


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Modules for Business Continuity Management in CIM: